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Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

Court Calendar for Friday, January 21, 2022

Search by case number or party name then click on the room number to access the live audio for the scheduled hearing. For cases with a room number "NAB", the hearing is "Not Available for Broadcast" and public access is only available at the courthouse. If you are unsure about the status of a case, please contact Case Management Services at (520)724-4200.


Party NameRoom #Start TimeDateCase #
10420 NORTH FLINTLOCK ROAD, LLC 678 01:30 PM1/21/2022C20213884
A LOUCKS, PAUL 586 11:00 AM1/21/2022C20210714
ABDULLAH, WALID KHALED 686 09:00 AM1/21/2022CR20213556
ABRAHAM, KEITH MARTIN 796 01:30 PM1/21/2022CR20214871
ACEDO, OSVALDO 672 08:30 AM1/21/2022CR20191384
ACUNA, NORBERTO NAB 01:30 PM1/21/2022DV20211490
ACUNA, NORBERTO NAB 01:30 PM1/21/2022SP20210601
AGUILAR, JESUS DAVID 683 09:06 AM1/21/2022CR20201616
AGUILAR, JESUS DAVID 683 09:06 AM1/21/2022CR20212050
AGUNDEZ, JESUS JAVIER 572 09:00 AM1/21/2022CR20203868
AJJ TRUCKING LLC 586 01:30 PM1/21/2022C20181445
ALCAREZ, DANIEL ISAAC GUTIERREZ 386 09:00 AM1/21/2022CR20201619
ALLRED, STEVEN KEITH 578 08:30 AM1/21/2022CR20210438
ALSAHOTI, SHAWN K NAB 01:30 PM1/21/2022SP20180416
ALSAKER, RICHARD ANDREW 375 08:30 AM1/21/2022CR20200297
ALVARADO, HUGO ALONSO 796 01:30 PM1/21/2022CR20220112
ALVAREZ, ANTONIO DROW 478 09:11 AM1/21/2022CR20191437