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Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

Court Calendar for Thursday, June 8, 2023

Search by case number or party name then click on the room number to access the live audio for the scheduled hearing. Now that the courthouse is fully open, streaming hearings to the public is no longer required for all civil and criminal cases and each judge has discretion as to whether a hearing will be streamed to the public. If the hearing is not being broadcast, there will be no audio available on YouTube. If you are unsure about the status of a case being made available via live broadcast, please contact Case Management Services at (520)724-4200.


Party NameRoom #Start TimeDateCase #
ALDAY, JOSEPH 486 09:04 AM6/8/2023CR20192712
ALDAY, JOSEPH ANTHONY 486 09:04 AM6/8/2023CR20231492
ALVARADO, ANGELO MAURICE 386 09:00 AM6/8/2023PI20230672
ALVAREZ, RUBEN EDUARDO 796 01:30 PM6/8/2023CR20232216
ARELLANO, JESUS RAMON 796 01:30 PM6/8/2023CR20232204
ARMENTA, ALLY 578 09:00 AM6/8/2023C20210628
ASTORGA-FIGUEROA, DAVID GUSTAVO 575 08:30 AM6/8/2023CR20222191
AUSTIN, BRANDON KALIL 675 09:01 AM6/8/2023CR20224902
AUSTIN, BRANDON KALIL 675 09:01 AM6/8/2023CR20231331
AUZ, OSCAR RENE 386 09:00 AM6/8/2023CR20231355
AVALOS JR, JOSE 486 09:00 AM6/8/2023CR20173384
AVALOS, JESSE DANIEL 796 01:30 PM6/8/2023CR20232093
BACK, CHRISTOPHER SCOTT 675 09:00 AM6/8/2023CR20221153
BAKER, ANISA ALEXANDRA 386 09:00 AM6/8/2023PI20230628
BELDER, JUSTIN PHILIP 386 09:00 AM6/8/2023PI20230658
BENNETT, ALLISON MAE 796 08:30 AM6/8/2023CR20230638
BERMUDEZ, JONATHAN JOSEPH 683 09:00 AM6/8/2023CR20223419